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General Procedures

Hi Thundercats,

Please see the general procedures sent by our Principal, Jennifer Petru, with information about this school year.

General Information

  • All official school information can be found at the following: 

  • Website

  • RTMS Schoology home page

  • Twitter

  • College Spirit Day is every Wednesday. ​​

  • RTMS Spirit Day is every Friday.

  • ALL visitors and parents must use the FRONT entrance, sign in and obtain a visitor's sticker from the office.

  • A driver’s license is required for check-in.

  • Any visitors on campus without a visitor’s sticker will be sent to the office immediately to obtain one.

General Procedures: List

Hours and Operation

• The office is open 8:10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
• The school day is 8:55 a.m. – 4:10 p.m.
• School doors open at 8:15 a.m.
• 6th grade students report to Commons
• 7th and 8th grade students report to the Gyms
• Announcements begin at 8:55 a.m.
• Tutorial schedule (Please check teacher’s website for specific days.)
• 8:20-8:40 a.m.
• 4:20-4:50 p.m.
• Tutorial bus will run at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning Tuesday, September 4. (Pending Approval)
• Students who need to be picked up early must be signed out no later than 3:45 p.m.
• Communication regarding transportation changes will only be accepted in emergency situations.

General Procedures: List


If your student is absent, parents/guardians must send a note explaining the reason for the absence on the day your child returns to school. Any absence without a note (within five school days of returning) will be coded as an unexcused absence. Email attendance notes to: In accordance with Texas state law, students must have 90% attendance to earn credit for a class. It is the student’s responsibility to check with each teacher upon his/her return to school for any missing or failed assignments.


A student is tardy when they arrive less than five minutes after the bell without a pass. Arrival after five minutes without a pass will be considered truant.

  • Each teacher will record tardies in Skyward.

  • The tardies will be monitored every three weeks by the grade level principal.


  • Student and parent conferences

  • Lunch time out

  • Loss of passing period privilege

  • After School Community Service Detention


  • Breakfast

  • Individual Passes - Every 3 weeks (Homework, First in Line at Lunch, Positive Phone Call, Free Device, Laps Off in PE, Daily Grade Extra Credit, Treat)

  • Collective Rewards – Every 9 weeks grade levels will be eligible for rewards which may include Device time at lunch / Dress up Day / Advisory Activity

General Procedures: List


Breakfast is 8:15-8:35 a.m. in the cafeteria. Students wishing to purchase breakfast should arrive at school before 8:35 a.m. A student account may be set up in the cafeteria or online for students to pay for their breakfast or lunch. Adding funds to the account must occur before school (8:15-8:35 a.m.).

General Procedures: List


  • Students will be responsible to pick up parent/guardian delivered lunches from the Delivery Table located in the foyer. Delivery services such as Uber Eats and Door Dash are not allowed.

  • Food delivered may not be shared with other students.

  • Lunch visitors will sit with their student at a designated Visitor Lunch Table.

General Procedures: List


  • Items dropped off at RTMS will be placed on the Delivery Shelf for students to pick up. Items will not be delivered to students. RTMS is not responsible for the security of delivered items.

  • Birthday treats such as balloons, flowers and other celebratory items are not allowed in the classrooms or on buses; items will be kept in the front office.

General Procedures: List


  • Bike riders must secure their bikes to the bicycle racks on the bus ramp. Please insist your child wears a bike helmet even if it does not seem “cool.”

  • Drop-off for car and carpool riders is in the front of the school. Note the drop-off line “double stacks” around the back of the building. For your student’s safety, please do not use the parking areas for drop-off.

  • Bus riders enter the building from the bus ramp. The FBISD Transportation Department will send route information.

  • PICK-UP AT DISMISSAL - Please note the pick-up line “double stacks” around the back of the building. For your child’s safety, please do not use the parking areas for pick-up. All students will be picked up in the front of the school.

  • BUS RIDER DISMISSAL – Students will wait for buses in the Commons. Bus order will be posted in the Commons. Students will exit the building through the doors leading to the bus ramp.

  • According to FBISD transportation, students may not ride another bus unless it is their assigned route.

General Procedures: List

Student IDS

All students are required to wear their school-issued ID on their person visible at or above their waist while on campus during the school day and at all before/after school campus events.

General Procedures: List


  • All 6th grade students will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year along with the combination. 7th and 8th graders may request a locker using the Locker Request form available in the downstairs AP office.

  • Any item affixed to the interior of the locker must not result in any damage to the locker; tape, glue or writing of any kind will not be allowed on lockers.

  • Students are not to trade lockers, share lockers or share locker combinations with another student at any time.

  • Lockers should be kept locked at all times.

  • Any locker concerns, combination problems or other locker related issues should be reported using the

locker issue form available in the downstairs AP office.

  • If locker damage does occur, the student is responsible for repair costs.

  • The exteriors of lockers are not to be written upon or decorated. 

  • “Pegging” of lockers so that they can be opened without a combination is against school policy and will

result in disciplinary action. Pegging lockers will increase a student’s chance of becoming prey to thieves

or book borrowers.

  • Lockers remain under the jurisdiction of the school and are property of Fort Bend ISD even when assigned

to a student.

  • The school reserves the right, whenever the administration deems appropriate, to inspect all lockers. o Students may not visit their lockers after 7th period.

Note: Students should take home all personal possessions from their lockers on the assigned day toward the end of the school year. Students will not have access to their lockers on the last day of school.

General Procedures: List


Students will have access to online textbooks. Traditional textbooks will be class sets. Students will be issued consumable textbooks for some classes. Students are responsible for textbooks issued to them and will be assessed monetary fines for damages.

General Procedures: List

Dress Code

Students must be in dress code every day of school. If they are out of dress code, they will be asked to correct their attire. The Fort Bend ISD Student Code of Conduct for dress code specifics can be found at:

General reminders for dress code include:

  • No skin showing through holes or rips in jeans higher than 3” above the knee.

  • Dresses and shorts must be no higher than 3” above the knee.

  • No spaghetti strap tops, tank tops, off the shoulder tops or shirts with back and shoulders exposed.

  • Shirts must cover the midriff and not expose undergarments

  • No clothing that is excessively tight or see-through. Pants such as spandex/Lycra (tights, leggings, yoga pants)

    are not allowed unless worn with a garment that reaches mid-thigh.

  • Shoes must be appropriate for school. Shower slides, slippers and “house shoes” are not permitted.

  • No hats, caps, doo-rags, wave caps, bandanas or hoods worn indoors, except on campus designated days.

  • Clothing with profanity, obscene patches, references to alcohol, drugs, weapons or tobacco, or anything that

    may be construed as provocative or offensive may not be worn

General Procedures: List

Gum & Mobile/Electronic Devices

  • There will be no gum chewing at any time on campus. This restriction also applies to school buses.

  • Students using personal telecommunication or electronic devices must follow the guidelines stated in the FBISD Student Handbook while on school property, attending any school-sponsored activity or using the Fort Bend ISD networks. If a student uses a device during a time or place in which authorization to use it was denied, the device will be confiscated by a teacher or administrator. The student may pick up the confiscated device after school from the downstairs AP office. See the FBISD Student Handbook for more details.

General Procedures: List

PE Uniforms

All students will dress out for PE. Uniforms may be purchased at RTMS or via the web store. Please limit purchases to two uniforms per student. Students who are unable to purchase a PE uniform may check one out from the PE teacher or wear a RTMS shirt with black, purple or gold shorts. Uniforms purchased via the web store will be picked up during students' PE classes. It is the student’s responsibility to notify their PE teacher that they have purchased a uniform and need to pick it up. If you have further questions regarding PE uniforms, please contact Girls’ Athletic Coordinator Erin Tezino ( or PE Department Head Justin Zaiff (

General Procedures: List


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